Allison Lacher and Jeff Robinson Good Neighbors 2017

Allison Lacher and Jeff Robinson
Good Neighbors


Allison Lacher and Jeff Robinson
Good Neighbors

3rd Terrain Biennial
Exhibition: October 1 – November 15, 2017

Kick-Off Event Block Party:
Sunday, October 1, 2-7 PM, 704 Highland Ave, Oak Park

Allison Lacher and Jeff Robinson began a studio collaboration in 2015. They have exhibited collaborative projects at Museum Blue, St. Louis; Roman Susan, Chicago; Outhaus, Champaign, Illinois; Kitchen Space, Chicago; The Ski Club, Milwaukee; and most recently, University Galleries at Illinois State University. Lacher and Robinson are Co-Founders and Co-Directors of DEMO Project, an artist-run contemporary art gallery in Springfield, Illinois.

Individually, Lacher has exhibited nationally at venues such as PDX Contemporary, Portland; The Luminary, St. Louis; CAUC Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City, Utah; and Illinois State Museum, Chicago and Springfield. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Edinboro University, Edinboro, Pennsylvania, and a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Indiana University, Bloomington. Along with a rigorous independent curatorial practice, Lacher is the Exhibitions Manager at the Visual Arts Gallery of University of Illinois at Springfield.

Robinson’s work has been exhibited at E.Tay Gallery, New York; STNDRD at The Luminary, St. Louis; Rosalux Gallery, Minneapolis; Northern Illinois University Art Museum, DeKalb, Illinois; (SCENE) Metrospace, and East Lansing, Michigan, among others. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from University of Illinois at Springfield, and a Master of Fine Arts in Painting from Illinois State University. He works at the University of Illinois at Springfield as an Instructor of Art and as the Director of the Visual Arts Gallery.


What It Is is an artist run exhibition space founded in 2009 by co-directors Tom Burtonwood and Holly Holmes. What It Is has been on hiatus since 2013 but occasionally resurfaces as time permits.

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  1. Dan Nordquist says:

    I used to live in Oak Park - near Lombard and Washington and I have some fond memories of it. i called it “Oak No Park” which indicated one aspect I was not so fond of. It would be fun / nice /interesting etc. to come by your gallery some time and get to klnow you. I stopped by the space in the Art Chicago show and got to know one of the artists - lise baggesen - and she encouraged me to stop back and meet others there, but I wasn’t able to do so. I had asked about Michelle Wasson also. I am an artist also, and a …collector, spelled with a small “c” and not a big “C”. Cheers, Dan

  2. Frank Healy says:

    As parents we are obviously proud and supporting but well done to Tom & Holly for giving this opportunity, not only to James, but all the other artists they are showcasing. Really must buy you a pint or two when next in the UK. Very best wishes to everyone. I am sure you will all make your mark.

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