Art Talk Chicago: Life+Turn: The Work of R James Healy

June 05, 2011

Art Talk Chicago

Stephanie Burke profiles R James Healy and his recent residency at What It Is

“…Healy is probably most well known for an animated video he did to accompany Chris Clark’s track Herr Barr. The video, which was the overall winner of the Radar Festival in 2007, features an animated cast of birds-cum-hands swirling and maneuvering an a way akin to flocking European Starlings. In the act of swooping and rushing, the flock sculpts and animates a human form. The video can be puzzling at first, leaving viewers wondering what exactly happened to their internet connection that caused the image to pixilated so horribly, until it dawns on the viewer that the pixilation is part and parcel of the video itself. The piece transcends simple music video tones and motifs, existing easily as an artwork in and of itself…”

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