R James Healy: M16.2 Video

June 05, 2011

M16.2 3D Zoetrope from R James Healy on Vimeo.

This 3D zoetrope was created during R James Healy’s artist in residency at What It Is, Chicago, Illinois.

The piece began as a study of the American flag, its colors and the hypnotic movements of a fabric signature. Healy’s work explores perception, in the illusion of movement, the artistic practice of observation and record, and the phenomena of memory versus experience.

59 rapid prototyped models are housed in a 24 inch motorized drum. Illumination is provided by LEDs allowing the animation to be viewed in all lighting conditions.

Unlike a traditional zoetrope, the inside and outside spin in different directions resulting in the animation appearing bigger (the viewer does not need to look through the piece) Using models instead of drawings creates a far more immersive experience. Viewers can move around the piece choosing their own viewpoint like a traditional sculptural object. Another advantage of models over drawings is parallax; objects further away appear to move slower than those close by.

The stand and ‘drum’ are hand crafted from solid walnut and veneer. The majority of the other components were digitally manufactured. The zoetrope stands approx 53 inches high with a 22-inch square footprint.

His blog documents the development of the piece in depth. It covers both creative and technical issues. It was written ‘diary style’ which resulted in the recording of some unplanned topics!

The zoetrope is an edition of 13 (13 stripes in the US flag). http://rjameshealy.com

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