3D Printing Day at What It Is

October 12, 2012

Improbable Objects at Expo Chicago

Improbable Objects at Expo Chicago

3D Portrait Printing Day

Saturday 20th October, 11am – 5pm

What It Is gallery, 23 East Madison, Chicago, IL, 60602

Gallery website: http://wot-it-is.com

What It Is will be hosting Improbable Objects at our gallery in Chicago’s Loop on Saturday October 20th to 3D scan and print people’s portraits on their 3D printers. To make an appointment with I/O to have your portrait printed in 3D please email them on  info@improbableobjects.com or call 773-837-9809

We can print your portrait in three sizes, small (1.5 inches), medium (2.5 inches) and large (4 inches) in height.

The small size should take about 25 minutes or so to print. The medium size will take about an hour and a half to print and can be picked up from the gallery later in the day or shipped to your home or office. The large size will take about three hours to print and will need to be mailed to you.

We can also “cut and paste” your portrait onto custom objects such as an iphone case, necklace or other piece of jewelry. Consider making a unique gift for a friend or family member for the holidays.

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