Andrew Rigsby, "Raw Chance 2 (her world was raw like a click track never sleeping)", Acrylic on canvas, 42” x 54”, 2011

Andrew Rigsby is a Chicago based artist whose work addresses the landscape as both a internal and external phenomenon, using the lens of popular culture and what might be described as “contemporary archetypes.” He typically works in an installation format through the use of multiple materials and devices. Using light box photographs, painting, sculpture, and video to create multifaceted tableaus, he captures a full range of visual experience available on a daily basis.

Rigsby’s iconography revolves around a set of specific shapes, used to define a marked place of life, experience and memory. These forms are permeable and change in meaning for the viewer through their interactions with each other and the environment. They are a pictographic memory system, used to create a process that is meditative and active in it’s mode of execution. The process involves the use of chance and expectation, working in consort. A system set up with specific designs, yet no specific outcome expected. .

Andrew Rigsby received his BFA in Painting and Drawing, from Bradley University (1992), IL and MFA from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (2000). In 2002 Rigsby founded GARDENfresh, a gallery based out Chicago. He has shown both Nationally and Internationally, most recently with Art Modern Gallery in Miami, Mikes Museum in New York, What it is in Oak Park, Il, (Con)Temporary Art Space, Chicago, antena, Chicago, Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Meyers, Florida, Bridge Art Fair New York, Miami and London.


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