Project Space
April 19th, 2010

Version Fest / NFO XPO

What It Is will be representing at Version Fest / NFO XPO twice this coming weekend.

Our booth at the NFO / XPO will feature Christopher Holmes and Andrew Rigsby. The booth will be adorned with a special wall paper and cups of tea will be served.

Additionally Tom has curated and organized Approaching the Nanofax Singularity a symposium and exhibition with artists utilizing new digital manufacturing technologies in their work such as laser cutters, 3-d printers, CNC machines and so forth. Exhibiting / presenting artists are Margarita Benitez, DIYLILCNC (Chris Reilly and Taylor Hokanson), Claudia Hart, Patrick Lichty, Mik Kastner, Brian Matthew, Dan Price, Ben Stagl and (f)utility projects. For more information please click this link:

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